Our Team

Ishaan Singh


 Entrepreneur. Coder. Problem solver. 

I am a student at Aditya Birla World Academy (Mumbai). I have always found excitement in solving problems – it was the main reason I fell in love with computer science and coding – and as the passion grew I wanted to address the issue of lack of funding for high school student-led projects. Seizing on the opportunity created by the Government of India initiative under Skill India, a like-minded peer and myself ventured to start Alumni Somnia. 


Siddhant Sukhani

Trailblazer. Scuba diver. Mathematician.

I am a student currently studying at Jayshree Periwal International School(Jaipur). Striving to support students to curate a powerful global impact, I hoped to help the Indian youth explore their passion like I followed mine through scuba diving, designing my own artificial coral reef. I’ve always wanted to make a meaningful change in society and using my passions in mathematics and scuba diving, I knew that I could make a difference. With a like-minded peer, Alumni Somnia was brought to life. 



Shanay Ambani

Chief Executive Officer

Self-starter. Pensive. Considerate

I am a student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. I am a Coder and a Swimmer. Professionally, I aspire to be an Entrepreneur and create products/services which not only generate wealth but also have the potential to give back to society. Disruptive technologies like CS, AI, machine learning and big data have redefined the way we think and do things. Coding and Robotics excite me and it’s the heart of getting innovations to work.  Starting early gives an edge and I want to be a catalyst in connecting people wanting to make an early start.

Chief Financial Officer

Independent. All-rounder. Perseverant. 

Planning to pursue Chartered Accountancy as a professional degree and staying in India to achieve an undergraduate degree, I regard success as the fruit of hard work and talent. I believe innovation is what drives our world forward and what is even more important is a platform to display that. The people of our nation tend to think in a contemporary manner and therefore Alumni Somnia provides a great opportunity to brilliant young minds to display their ingenious ideas to transform their aspirations into reality.



Blue Smoke



Head of design

Surrealist. Musician. Dreamer. 

Planning to pursue a degree in fine art, I believe that innovation provides the foundation for the development of our world. I incorporate innovation through my artwork and design, considering creativity to be the fuel of ideas and opportunities. Our generation is raised on technology with platforms to voice their notions, bringing an era of revolutionary progress.

Therefore, I believe that Alumni Somnia furnishes these young minds with the chance to manifest and execute their ideas.